Indirect Wood Burning Ovens with Separate Cooking Chamber and Combustion Chamber

Indirect Wood-Baking Ovens ( Separate Cooking and Combustion Chamber )

Alfonso Forni informs the kind customers that the indirect cooking wood-burning ovens are undergoing aesthetic changes concerning only the colour, from Testa di Moro to Nero. Therefore, depending on stock availability, the wood-burning oven shipped could be all black or brown Head of Moro on the back and side.

An indirect wood-burning oven has a separate cooking and combustion chambers, so you can burn any type of wood, even carpentry waste: the fumes do not remain in direct contact with food! For this reason it is perfect for your countryside, for your garden or for your home, as it is also customisable with different recessed versions: from the simplest to the most colourful, with the insertion of hand-painted majolica in the frame. You can find the recessed versions, workable for any model, in the OPTIONAL OVENS section.

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