Wood-burning oven in iron, refractory, portable

Iron Wood Oven

The iron wood-burning oven represents a perfect combination of tradition and construction quality. This type of oven is known for its durability and ability to maintain uniform cooking for soft pizzas, fragrant breads and delicious dishes. Find out how an iron wood-burning oven can be the heart of your kitchen, guaranteeing extraordinary culinary results that stand the test of time.

The wood-burning ovens in this category are the Sicilia and Calabria models: these are 2 static (non-ventilated) wood-burning ovens with two different sizes. SICILIA has maximum external dimensions of 78x100 cm while CALABRIA has maximum external dimensions of 88x110 cm. It is a basic and functional line with a very linear design of the classic iron oven, but with one detail: the cooking chamber is completely lined with refractory bricks. They have been designed for basic use and are equipped with 2 hobs.

Forno a legna Sicilia V2
The Sicilia V2 represents excellence in wood-fired ovens. Featuring a static, non-ventilated configuration and an indirect fire system, it offers a culinary experience of the highest level. Its cooking chamber is completely lined with superior quality refractory bricks, ensuring impeccable cooking results.
Practicality is at the heart of the design of the Sicilia V2, equipped with wheels and removable handles for effortless mobility. With this oven, bringing Italian culinary tradition into your home becomes easy and convenient. Experience the authentic taste of wood-fired cooking with the Sicilia V2.
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