Alfonso Forni static wood-burning oven, all covered in refractory

Static Wood Oven (Not Ventilated)

The ALFONSO wood-burning oven model EMAX is the innovation of all indirect fire wood-burning ovens. Its main characteristics are: low cooking chamber, sized and proportioned like the classic brick ovens of the past, with the same characteristics as the sand bed, we have renewed it by adding mixtures of precious pigments of limestone and volcanic rocks which capture the heat and release it gradually to ensure homogeneity of cooking in order to obtain a high quality of your delicacies that you will cook. This cooking chamber is also completely lined with refractory bricks made with the best blends of clays and volcanic sand that we only have in Sicily.

Well insulated with high density rock wool, finished in stainless steel, equipped with glass-ceramic in the combustion chamber door which lets you see the fire; the same door is hermetically sealed, equipped with a thermal cord: this wood-burning oven could therefore also be used indoors. The door is equipped with an air inlet valve. The oven is entirely in a single body all welded, even the legs, and covered with panels that keep the insulation. The thickness of the steel used is essential for us, which is why the material used was chosen with the utmost care to guarantee the wood-burning oven stability, durability and long-term quality. In the non-ventilated wood-burning oven, cooking takes place by radiation, the heat comes from the lower part or from the combustion chamber and, thanks to the high-quality refractory bricks, the heat is more uniform than in a normal oven. Cooking is sweet and delicate. But if you want a static wood-burning oven that you can also use in ventilated mode if necessary by activating the fan via a switch, then visit the VENTILATED WOOD-BURNING OVENS section where you will find the LUXOR range: wood-burning ovens that transform from static to ventilated and viceversa.

Forno a legna Sicilia V2
The Sicilia V2 represents excellence in wood-fired ovens. Featuring a static, non-ventilated configuration and an indirect fire system, it offers a culinary experience of the highest level. Its cooking chamber is completely lined with superior quality refractory bricks, ensuring impeccable cooking results.
Practicality is at the heart of the design of the Sicilia V2, equipped with wheels and removable handles for effortless mobility. With this oven, bringing Italian culinary tradition into your home becomes easy and convenient. Experience the authentic taste of wood-fired cooking with the Sicilia V2.
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Forno a Legna Emax V2
The wood oven Emax V2 it is a model characterized by the static cooking mode, with a cooking chamber completely lined with top quality refractory bricks. The hob at the base is made up of a refractory plate, guaranteeing a smooth and homogeneous surface for food preparation. The combustion chamber is also lined with refractory bricks, ensuring high-quality performance during the cooking process. With this combination of elements, the Emax V2 offers an ideal environment for achieving excellent and consistent culinary results.
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Forno a Legna Emax V2 Plus
The wood oven Emax V2 Plus represents the expanded and enhanced version of the model Emax V2. This static oven is characterized by a cooking chamber completely lined with high quality refractory bricks. The base of the hob is made up of two refractory plates positioned in succession, creating a uniform and smooth surface. Furthermore, the combustion chamber is also equipped with top quality refractory bricks. The designation "Plus" clearly underlines that this model is the larger version of the oven Emax V2 Standard.
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